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OAK Installation: What to Expect?

Now that you have officially signed up to The OAK Network, OAK will need to install its energy sensors at your site in order to start collecting data and building your energy profile.

The OAK Installation process is designed to be an easy and painless experience with little to no impact on your business operations. So that you can be fully prepared on the day of installation, below we outline what steps are involved and what we will need from you.

Step 1:  

An OAK-approved electrician will arrive at your site. They will have the name and telephone number of the primary site contact.

Step 2:

The electrician will need to be directed to the main electricity meter and distribution board. In some cases, your site may have more than one and the electrician will need access to all of them.

Step 3:

The OAK box, which measures the total consumption of an electricity meter, will be installed. This is done by connecting the OAK sensor to the fuse board, attaching clamps to the main lines carrying electricity into the building, and drilling the OAK box securely to the available wall space nearby. No exposed wires will be present once this installation is complete.

NOTE: the power will need to be cut for 5 minutes while the sensor is connected to the fuse board

Step 4:

Submetering sensors will be installed in order for the OAK to receive a more detailed breakdown of your energy usage. These sensors simply clamp onto the circuits coming out of the distribution board.

Step 5:

The front panel to the distribution board will be securely put back on and the installation will be complete.

Step 6:

The device which transmits the energy data collected by the sensors back to OAK will be plugged into a nearby wall socket. An extension box plug will be used so that your business can still make use of this wall plug if necessary. A do not touch sticker will be left on the device plug, as well as the associated switch, to ensure that it is not unplugged or switched off, as this would affect your service.

Step 7:

If you haven’t previously provided us with an asset register for your site, we will need to carry out a quick survey of your electrical equipment and appliances. This is a quick process that simply involves taking pictures of the equipment and their specification labels. You will not be needed for this survey unless your HVAC units are not easily located, in which case you may need to inform us of the location.

Step 8:

Once your installation is complete, you will receive your login details to the OAK-Insights platform in three months’ time, once we’ve built your initial energy profile.


What we need from you:

  • Ensure you know where your main meter(s) and distribution board(s) are located and ensure that they are accessible on the day of installation
  • Be aware that a 5-minute power cut is needed to install the OAK box, so the installation day/time should be scheduled accordingly to minimise the impact on your business
  • Circuit register for the distribution board(s). This will help us identify what to submeter